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AIR LAND 2.0 – open call

Opublikowano 27 marca 2019


The Cultural Association Quasi Quadro announces the 2° edition of the international contemporary art competition Air Land 2.0.

After the success of the last Air Land 1.0 edition on Turin’s Turin Eye, this time the exhibition aimed at promoting and enhancing contemporary art moves to another unique Turin location: the Tranvia Sassi-Superga, more known as “Dentera”, a very ancient Turin rack railway tramway line, managed by GTT.

This year the subject chosen is “The ascent”: in life, as in art, changing the point of view one gains access to unexpected conditions.


The following announcement is addressed to all artists, with no age, sex, nationality or any other qualification limit. Each artist can compete using one or more artworks, published and unpublished. The announcement is also open to every discipline (sculpture, painting, video art, photography, performance, poetry, etc.) and the works should be sent by email, through picture.

The staff will take care of printing pictures of the selected works on a light and resistant support which will be exhibited inside the ancient cars.

Visitors and artists could take the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition thanks to a panoramic tour during the inauguration, where you can admire the works of art immersed in the breathtaking scenery that accompanies the entire tram route that ends on the hill of Superga , at 672 meters above sea level where the homonymous Basilica is located.

DEADLINE: 27th April 2019